Parent Testimonial from Todd Sobel

My daughter has been transformed. She has learned to appreciate her inner and outer beauty and has gained a new level of sophistication and maturity. She is thirteen years old and now fully appreciates the young woman she is. She has begun wearing dresses and low heals and enjoys doing her nails, hair, and pampering herself. Only a couple of months ago, she was all about jeans and tennys.

The program has also fully supported her school work. She knows her work permit can be revoked if her grades suffer, so she works very hard to keep ahead of her school work and has yet to miss a class or audition.

Finally, she has gained a new level of confidence. Acting, modeling, and singing classes have required her to express herself in front of her peers and teachers. In addition, the twice monthly auditions before professional talent agents have really tested her ability to be spontaneous and creative.