Client Testimonial from Tiffany Porter

I was first introduced to this phenomenal talent academy when my cousin urged me to audition. I did theatre all four years back in high school, and took ballet and hip hop classes growing up. However as a college freshman, I still wanted to continue the education and training within the spectrum of the arts. And being the studious, hard-working individual I am, I prioritize my education and am relieved to know that TT is flexible with schedules and also acknowledges educational priorities.

I am currently enrolled in Devin Hennessy’s TV & Film Acting class on Saturday afternoons. So far, two sessions have occurred, but it feels like I have learned so much. I have learned about basic rules for screen test auditions, confidence building, and adapting character. The wonderful aspect of this knowledge is that I can apply my lessons towards my journey as an actor and growing individual in my personal life! I haven’t been at TT for a month, but already I am experiencing a positive kind of change. It has been great, and now I look forward to Saturdays for class.

Just as Dustin Hoffman once believed, no one can ever fail acting. Applying this token of knowledge, I am determined to make the most of every moment spent at Tower Talent. It is a wonderful place, everyone is kind and welcoming, and you are most definitely guaranteed top-notch, professional treatment here.