Nichole Macak, Studio West

1ywsdnlv8db91bgyyqmzknhlqdj_tv-fuodudm84lNichole Macak was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and studied at Grand Canyon University for theater education. She worked as an intern and lead teaching artist for three different theater companies around the valley,  such as Phoenix Theater,  Valley Youth Theater and Theater Works. Nichole has developed curriculum for classes and directed a few children’s shows such as The Totally Almost True Story of Hansel and Gretel and The Giving Tree.  Alongside teaching, Nichole is active in community plays and musicals as well as a designer for sets and costumes. She has a passion for developing characters and truly understanding the tools for acting. To work with kids on how to act and how to expand their imagination, can always be a challenge but, if you can understand what it truly means to be an actor and how to utilize those tools, it’s a wonderful experience. Nichole recently moved to San Diego and is a student currently at San Diego Mesa College studying secondary education and Theater. She hopes that you get to join her fun filled acting or musical theater classes, so that you too can expand your imagination.