We are so delighted with the success of our January 2016 IMTA Team.

Each and every one of our contestants came to the event with their A game and showed the world what Tower Talent San Diego is all about.

We want to thank the parents for all of their participation and tireless efforts to assist their kids in preparation for this event and their unwavering support of the team as a whole. YOU too were a big part of our team and we are so thankful to have gotten to share in this special week with your talented kids.

We had SUCH a blast at the event and are so sad it is over!!! But, on a positive note, this truly is just the beginning for our contestants,  as our team received 100% callbacks!!!  

We look forward to meeting with each of you over the next week to debrief from the event and to plan your next steps accordingly.  Please call Jenn to schedule your appointments as soon as possible. We look forward to sharing in your continued success and can not wait to see what is in store for all of you. Until then, for your reference,  here is the list of awards for Team Tower Talent Studio West. TowerWest Contest Winners

Not mentioned on this list:

  • Two major college scholarship recipients on our team, Sabrina Summers and Laurane Gerber! Congratulations!!!
  • Kwesi Chan Williams, Maylane Gerber & Laurane Gerber who were invited to perform in front of the entire IMTA audience at the banquet dinner. It was a huge honor and we are so proud of you!!!!!