Talent Managers vs. Talent Agents

Many people ask what the difference is between a talent manager and a talent agent. Talent managers take on a  more personal approach with their clients. They typically have less clients than an agent would and really help to guide their clients in the right direction throughout their career. Sometimes you will get noticed by a Talent Manager before an Talent Agency. In this case, the majority of managers would help to market you further to find an agent that they are familiar with and have a great working relationship with. In this case the manager and agent work as a team to get their client the most visibility as possible.

Sometimes the talent will get noticed by an agent first. If you secure representation with a talent agency and do not have a manager, it is not a necessity that you obtain a manager; as long as you are getting out on auditions and feel comfortable navigating the business on your own since your agent will mainly call or email you ONLY to send you out to your castings, not to give you coaching on what to do, where to go, what to wear and all of the other fine details parents typically are concerned with when their child starts auditioning for commercials, television, film and modeling jobs.

Tower Talent essentially acts as your first “manager” to help guide not only our clients, but the parents as well on which agencies are most reputable, what to wear to auditions, the proper training you need, feedback and progress, how to build your resume, and how to navigate the industry. Tower Talent introduces you to Talent Agents and Talent Managers regularly so that you can showcase your talent to THE RIGHT people in the business and make a smooth, healthy, fully prepared transition into the entertainment business. Our next client showcase is on May 19th with Ingrid French Management, and following that, clients will be seen by Barbara Coleman from Innovative Artists early June.

INGRID FRENCH MANAGEMENT NY: Ingrid French is a personal manager and owner of Ingrid French Management. She represents actors and models for commercial print, commercials, television, film, theatre and voice-overs. She has recently booked clients for commercial print campaigns including Verizon, GAP, Johnson and Johnson, and Target; for commercials such as T-Mobile, Pizza Hut, AT&T, Subway, Bacardi, Olive Garden, Fed-Ex, Nike, Toyota and Heineken; and voice- overs for Dominos, Lens Crafters, Grey Goose, Crest and Canon. She has booked actors on Law and Order SVU, Guiding Light, As The World Turns, Fringe, Ugly Betty, Flight of the Concordes and 30Rock just to name a few. She has also booked actors for feature films and independent projects including The Devil Wears Prada, Tell Tale, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, Leatherheads, Freedomland, Fur, The Departed, The Killing of John Lennon, Palindromes, Michael Clayton and An Englishman In New York.