Do you have the “It Factor”

Families gather nightly around the television set to catch the latest episode of shows like Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor” and watch everyday people become explosively famous. Children irk their parents for their own shot at the limelight, and they excitingly nurture their child’s inherent acting or singing abilities. But for every “Top 10” contestants, there are statistically 1,000,000 hopefuls who wash out. If you’re in New York or Long Island, instead of packing up the family and racing to the next reality television audition, why not consider some singling classes so your child can be TV-ready?

Tower Talent Inc. has become the preeminent youth talent company offering modeling classes, acting classes and singing classes in New York and Long Island.

The talents and skill sets we help develop foster a sense of inner confidence. Being self assured eradicates shyness, greatly reducing the odds of stage fright and Simon Cowell’s menacing criticisms. Tower Talent Inc. can help your child improve their skills and come out ready to tackle the entertainment industry.

We understand that only the best succeed in a viciously competitive world and make sure our instructors are knowledgeable and capable of teaching acting classes, singing classes or modeling classes in a way that children will understand. Parents are expected to be present during the initial evaluation, where a child’s character, cast and commitment are tested. Families are interviewed as a unit to ensure that the emotional support required to get through the long process to stardom is present.

Tower Talent’s renowned child acting classes have helped secure roles for young, aspiring actors in films, television shows and advertisements. Their legendary modeling classes have put young talent from New York City and Long Island areas on runways and in magazines across the world. Lastly, their singing classes can bring out the “x-factor” in your child.

After the initial evaluation that includes a brief audition, parents and future superstars are given a date and a time to contact us to learn the results.