3 Benefits of Acting Classes for Children

Kids these days can choose from dozens of extra curricular activities, from sports to music lessons. With so many options, kids can get confused about what to try! Deciding what extracurricular activities to register your children for can be a challenge. At Tower Talent Long Island, we believe that modeling, singing and acting classes offer several benefits for your child’s development.


One benefit of acting, modeling and singing classes is that they promote self-confidence, encourage public speaking and allow your child to become comfortable in front of a crowd. Through these classes, children become more confident speaking in front of one another. As they gain self-confidence they also gain self-esteem. In addition, acting classes focus on articulation, timing and vocal projection—all things that can improve public speaking skills.

Acting, singing and modeling classes also encourage cooperative group dynamics. Through these classes, children get used to taking direction while leading, supporting and trusting others. Students learn to cooperate with people of all ages who come from all backgrounds, better preparing them for the real world.

Finally, children who participate in these drama classes learn effective communication skills and empathy. Understanding a character’s flaws, attributes, etc. enables students to better understand different people and surroundings. Through character development, children learn to get in touch with their character’s feelings and thoughts. This often makes them more aware of their own thoughts and feelings. This can give young students a better understanding of empathy and how to effectively communicate their feelings.

Good public speaking, teamwork and communication skills are all extremely valuable characteristics to possess. They can help children of all ages grow into well-rounded adults. The classes offered at Tower Talent Long Island are designed to be stepping stones for children looking to reach their goals of becoming actors, models or singers – or in any future occupation they acquire.

If your child has ever expressed interest in acting or modeling and you are interested in enrolling your children in modeling, singing or child acting classes in NY, visit Tower Talent Inc. The acting and modeling studio is dedicated to providing its students with the best instruction possible. Tower Talent will equip your child with the tools he or she needs to become successful in the entertainment industry.