Raising a Healthy Child Actor – Industry Workshop for Mom-agers and Dad-agers


with Entertainment Consultant, Sarafina Jackson


Tower Talent Studio West

JOIN US for an informative industry seminar that promises to take parents beyond what they know about the entertainment business. Get insider tips on what you can do to further your child’s career.

The Following Topics Will Be Discussed:

1. Perspective Entering the Industry, Realistic Expectations, The Costs Involved

2. The Do’s and Dont’s – Tips from a Parent

3. Managing Your Child’s Career – Being Market Ready & Keeping Things Professional

4. Importance of Training and Knowing The Craft

5. Having Strong Headshots Digitally and Printed

6. Resumes, Work Permits, Coogan Accounts, Child Labor Laws… Oh My!

7. Agents vs Managers. Does My Child Need Both? Types, Divisions, Regions

8. What Agents Look For In a PARENT of a Child In The Industry

9. Casting Directors/Producers/Directors  – Knowing Who’s Who

10. Navigating Casting Websites – Which Ones to Trust and Maximizing Your Online Profile

11. Preparing For Auditions – Ways to Memorize Lines, Tricks for Kids, Styling Tips

12. Auditioning Material – Commercials, Monologues, Sides, Self Taped & Demo Reels

13. Callbacks and What To Do After a Bad Audition

14. Travel/Time – Keeping Kids Energized and In a Great Mood; Having Patience.

15. Goal Setting and When To say No.


Price of Workshop: $50 Per Family

*We ask kindly that kids are left at home, however we will have a designated area for children to watch movies and color.