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Congratulations to the talent that made callback with Jennifer Boyce and Kazarian Measures and Ruskin Associates! The following clients are on the callback! Camdyn Scott, Julia Dou, Lily Mitchell, Madison Blechsmidt, and Erin Longerbone! Honorable Mentions are: Vanessa Ballow, Alexa Haro, Jacy and Stephan Zanotelli, Bryant Bales, Mirabella Nichols, Ava Grace Nichols, Saniah Crawley, Amalri […]

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The following clients are on the callback with Elegance Talent and Model Management in San Diego! Congratulations: Bryant Bales, Isabella and Jessica Reid, Jadyn Gibson, Genesis Montecino, Ryan Hook, Kelly Morris, and Giuliana Groce. Honorable Mentions: Kieko Harper, Evan Brannigan, Fadi Vukovich, Navaeh Star Ruiz, Jake Gray, Jessica Hernandez, Clarence Johnson, Leslith Garcia, Ernesto Torres, […]

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