Product Model Management Callbacks


March, 23, 2015

Dear Amanda,

It was an absolute pleasure as always to come out to see your extremely talented kids.  Tower Talent always makes my job easier by ensuring that I see such quality talent every time I attend an audition.  With that said please see my call back and honorable mention list below:


Savonna Sammon

Kyle Melnick

Taylor Hanson

Alexandria Yap

Haley Conroy

Sydney Behar

Katherine Castillo

Carter Zinn

Joseph Bongiorno


Honorable Mention:


Jules Caporusso

Carla Goldberg

Stephanie Abreu

Adriana Ritchie

Kaelyn McGrady

Mikayla Fenton

Sydney Wekstein


Thanks so much Amanda!

Nate Stolldorf

Children’s Booking Agent

Product Model Management