Brilliant Talent Management Callbacks

The following clients should call Tower Talent for their pre-agent consultation.


Dear Amanda,

         Thanks again for having me out to scout at your school on 10/20/13.  I loved meeting with all your clients.  They were very well prepared and eager which is direct proof of what a wonderful job you’re doing with them.  Below is my callback list of clients I would like to work with right away! Please have the clients (parents of under 18) contact me in my office.

Lucy Jade Piacentini (modeling), Gabrielle Cajas, Ashley James Ippolito, Brian Ortega (music management contract), Alura Cheng, Azaria Roberts, Nicole Deller, Natalie Kuplen, Gabriella Jaquez, Kaelyn McGrady, Nicholas Palermo, Alexandra Madruga, Evan Terranova

Best regards,

Luke McFarland

Brilliant Talent Management