Tower Talent F.A.Q.

Are you an agency?

We are not an agency. We are considered a talent service.  In the states of New York and California there are laws distinguishing the difference between talent agencies and talent services. On one hand It is illegal for talent agencies to sell photos or classes to their clients, yet they require in most cases that their clients are both properly trained and also possess updated professional head shots and/or zed cards for the agent to market them with. With that said, Tower Talent provides development and marketing services to talent in need of training, marketing materials, and most importantly, the marketing itself – meaning auditions with agents and casting companies for representation and networking.

Are You A School?

Yes. For those who need it, we have workshops and private coaching available. We’ve helped our students earn and maintain a competitive edge over their rivals in the entertainment industry. Famous Hollywood stars still work with acting coaches many times even on set because the best-prepared candidates are the most successful. However, we are not JUST a school. What is so unique about our company is that we actually provide face to face job interviews with the top casting companies in the world on a consistent basis right out of our studio. Our ability to place our talent with the agencies we work with and then have them go on to book actual jobs in the industry is a testament to how great our coaches are.

Does training make a difference?

All the difference in the world. The entertainment industry is fast-paced and constantly changing, and agents and directors need faces and talent now. These busy professionals vastly prefer a well-prepared candidate to one who lacks polish, experience or training.

Do you only work with models?

No. High fashion modeling has very strict physical requirements, 5’8” and above for women, 5’11” and above for men, and many otherwise talented individuals cannot qualify. The fact is that over 60% of our clients are actors, but we also work with models, make-up artists, singers, dancers, comedians, songwriters -anyone who is a part of or preparing to enter the entertainment industry.

Will this interfere with school?

No. We believe that a solid academic foundation should be a young person’s first priority. Our policy is to work only with those who strive for academic excellence.

What time commitment is expected if Tower Talent agrees to work with me?

Students commit one day per week to development. Auditions or other opportunities with agents, casting directors or other industry professionals can occur, but usually just a few times a month.

Do you accept everyone?

No. We are looking for people with a high level of interest and dependability. When our students meet top industry professionals, their conduct is a direct reflection of our screening process and our training. Our relationships with the best agencies and casting directors are excellent because we are known for presenting only the most talented, enthusiastic and professional candidates.

I have heard that if you want to be a model or actor, agencies will pay everything for you to start.  Is this true?

In any career, training and marketing are an up-front investment of time and money. The most successful models and talent will tell you that the learning process never ends. In today’s fast-paced environment, very few agencies in the world will front costs necessary to begin a career. There ARE “discoveries”, but like lottery winners, they are rare. The vast majority of professionals have to work for and invest in their own success.

At Tower Talent, we give you the training, guidance and confidence to help you attain your goals in the entertainment industry.