We searched around and then decided to try the place for our daughter. They were great in welcoming her. The audition and inital meetings were friendly, supportive and provided confidence to my daughter! She loves the place! I can feel that the time it is going to change her!

Sigamani J

My son is having a blast in Devin Hennessy’s Acting Infusion class. He wants to be an actor more than anything and this Academy is providing the knowledge that he needs to get there. Not only that but he is meeting kids his own age with similar interests. Not all boys like sports. He has been in theatre his entire life. He is 17 and my only regret was that we didn’t find this Academy sooner.

Melissa Armes

I signed my 6 year old daughter up a few months ago and she loves it. She is learning so much! Everyone is very friendly and willing to help you with anything you need. She has made friends and loves to go to her classes! Since we started I can see her coming out of her shell and not being so shy. Which is a wonderful thing.

Heather Johnson