Want to be in Acting,
modeling or singing?

With Tower Talent you can!

  • Seize opportunities in auditions
  • Gain the know-how with professional classes
  • Market yourself with industry photography
  • Fulfill your dreams
  • She has learned to appreciate her inner and outer beauty and has gained a new level of sophistication and maturity. She is thirteen years old and now fully appreciates the young woman she is. She has begun wearing dresses and low heals and enjoys doing her nails, hair, and pampering herself. Only a couple of months ago, she was all about jeans and tennies.

    Todd Sobel

  • Whether you are actor, dancer, singer, or model. Your in great hands and are on the right path to a successful career in the entertainment industry.

    Gerren Hall

  • It’s not just acting they teach. They teach children to believe in themselves, to set goals, and to keep moving till you get there. It is a commitment – the returns are not necessarily the next rock star, but perhaps a young adult with faith in their own future. How can we not support that.

    Zona Gale

  • As a college freshman, I still wanted to continue the education and training within the spectrum of the arts. And being the studious, hard-working individual I am, I prioritize my education and am relieved to know that TT is flexible with schedules and also acknowledges educational priorities.

    Tiffany Porter

  • I am so impressed with everything you offer your students. You are so much more than acting classes; you offer the knowledge of what it takes to become a professional working actor. Congratulations on a job very well done. I look forward to scouting with you in the future.

    Bonnie Ventis, Clear Talent Group